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I have the huge collection of around 8000 songs in my iTunes Library. Wondershare Tidymymusic did splendid job when it comes to fix all the tracks with inaccurate information. Now I can keep my music library organized with this Wondershare Tidymymusic for Windows tool. The interface is really intuitive and simple to use.

Mr. Marcos Hostade

  • Wondershare Tidymymusic for Windows

  • Wondershare Tidymymusic for Windows to Optimize Your Music Library with 1-Click
  • Wondershare Tidymymusic for Windows is designed to optimize your local music collection and iTunes library with single click. It finds information in batches for your music.

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Wondershare Tidymymusic is designed to give complete makeover to your music collection. It supports both local music collections and iTunes. If your music collection or iTunes is prepped with wrong artist information, missing artwork, or duplicate songs, you can use Wondershare Tidymymusic. It is a handy and simple one-stop solution to find artist name, cover art, genre info and song title automatically. You may also see song lyrics and download them to find out duplicate music tracks. With a few clicks, you can do all these things. It also allows edit music information manually and you can make your own music library.
Fix Mislabeled Info with Automatic
Music Tagger

With Wondershare Tidymymusic, you no longer have to see labels like “Track 01” and “Unknown Artist” because you can completely change artist information and song names.

Searches Missing File Artwork

If you can add your own album artwork, there is no need to compromise with intimidating icons in library. The Wondershare Tidymymusic for Windows software automatically searches and downloads cover art to beautify the look of your library.

View Lyrics of Songs

While listening to your favorite sound tracks, you may also miss lyrics of the song to sing along. With Wondershare Tidymymusic for Windows, you can search and download lyrics with ease.

Clean Up Your Music Library

Wondershare Tidymymusic for Windows can automatically fix the library and clean up music collection. It is the true iTunes companion which uses state-of-the-art acoustic fingerprint technology to fix inaccurate or missing music information, such as album art, artist name, lyrics, genre etc, in your song collection.

Clean Up Music Library for All Devices
at Once

Once saved, the updated song details in ID3 tag is embedded into MP3 format. After that, you can share and transfer your song to several devices while keeping the tag information.

Gather Track Information
Anytime Anywhere

You can take this permanent fix anywhere you go. The ID3 tag or the recovered information, such as album arts, song details and lyrics, is embedded to MP3 format. It allows you sync all the data with MP3 to various devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod.

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