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I have a lot of junk files and personal data stored on my device. It also works slower. Thankfully Wondershare SafeEraser lets me fully erase my device before I upgrade the software. I used it for the first time and it performed really nicely. My iPhone 5 is working just like a new one.

Mr. Louis

  • Wondershare SafeEraser

  • Wondershare SafeEraser – Clean Your Private Information Completely on iPhone
  • Wondershare SafeEraser is the all-in-one utility to erase your private data completely and safely on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and clear all junk files.

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Did you notice why a file taking more time for downloading than deleting? When you delete a file, it just removes the way to access the data and labels “ready to be overwritten”. Actually, the data still exists in the memory of your device and you can recover it with the use of technology. With Wondershare SafeEraser, you can ensure that your data is safe and completely removing deleted files, cashes, and cleaning browsing history, and securing your private information. With Wondershare SafeEraser, you can protect your private information and make your device work even smoother.
Wipe Out Private Data

By sending messages, browsing web and using apps, your device stores a lot of data. Wondershare SafeEraser ensures keeping all the data private. It destroys data with the most sophisticated method used by the US military. SafeEraser provides complete security to your private data and keep it confidential.

Erase Device Completely

Wondershare SafeEraser makes it easier to remove files permanently you don’t need and keeps the files you want. This way you can easily manage your data. It comes with 1-click Phone Erase feature to make your information safe before you pass on your device. Whether you want to trade, sell or recycle your device, this feature is helpful.

You may use the option “Restore Factory Settings” on your device to delete all the data. But Wondershare SafeEraser is a professional data destroyer. With this tool, you can rest assured that your information is safe, no matter who buys your device again. You can secure yourself from organized criminal activities and sources which use secondhand electronics to retrieve private information.

Clear Uninstalled Apps and Junk File

You can clean your device of cache, invalid files, etc. and free up memory quickly. With Wondershare SafeEraser, you can remove the junk files and optimize your phone’s performance. SafeEraser keeps your device optimized and accesses background processes. Junk and temporary files slow down your device. SafeEraser can optimize it to perform more efficiently and faster. You can check all unwanted apps and uninstall from your device.

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