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Wondershare MobileTrans helped me a lot in transferring my data from my old phone to new one. I had to sell my old phone but didn’t want my private data fall into wrong hands. Thankfully, this tool helped me remove all my data permanently from my old phone, making it unrecoverable with any tool.

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  • Wondershare MobileTrans

  • Wondershare MobileTrans for 1-Click Transfer from One Phone to Another
  • Wondershare MobileTrans is a smart utility to transfer all your text messages, contacts, calendar, call logs, music, photos, apps and video between any Android Smartphone, iPhone, Blackberry phones and Nokia phones with 1 click. It is compatible with iOS 8.1, iTunes 12.1 and Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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Wondershare MobileTrans is 100% Risk-Free and Safe tool for 1-click transfer. Whether you are buying a different device, upgrading your phone, or changing your network, there are only a few carriers help their customers transfer contacts. If your network provider doesn’t provide this facility, Wondershare MobileTrans can easily transfer your photos, contacts, music, text messages, videos, calendar, apps, or call logs with just 1 click. The software is risk-free and safe.
Transfer Data between Different Devices

Wondershare MobileTrans works really very well to transfer data between Android, iOS and Symbian phones. When it comes to transfer contacts, it also transfers email addresses, job titles, company name, birthdays, and other details along with names and phone numbers.

Supports Around 3000 Devices and Networks

Wondershare MobileTrans works wonder with different models and brands like Nokia, Samsung, Apple, LG, HTC, Google, Sony, Motorola, HUAWEI, ZTE, Motorola and other models. In addition, it completely supports various network providers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

Erases Old Phone Permanently

Want to donate or sell your old Android Phone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone but don’t want to lose your private data? Wondershare MobileTrans provides complete protection to your private data by deleting everything from your device, permanently and safely. You can wipe off all the data on your Android and Apple device with just one click.

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