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User-friendly, as easy as 1-2-3, simple! All I had to click RECORD and it did the rest. It gives high quality results. Good choice for those who want HD or nothing.

Mr. William, Denver

  • Wondershare Allmymusic for Mac

  • Wondershare Allmymusic – Best and High Quality Digital Audio Recorder
  • Wondershare Allmymusic is high-quality real-time streaming audio recorder which records music in high quality. It supports iTunes 12.1 and it automatically detects in high quality.

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Wondershare Allmymusic is an innovative and excellent audio recording utility with which you can record almost any source of audio on your PC, like music station, online radio, YouTube and more. It is 100% legal and follows all the copyright standards.
Smart One-Click Audio Recording

On your web browser, you have to arrange the music list for online streaming and start playing your favorite songs. The integrated Audio Recorder in this software will record and split your selected tracks. This Wondershare Allmymusic for Mac tool sensibly keeps out all the ads during the process of recording. All you need to start it up and let it do its own work. You will find all your desired tracks when you get back after some time.

High Quality Recording

The Audio Recorder preserves high quality and uses the sound card configured for recording.

Ringtone Creator

You can customize your favorite songs and create ringtones within few clicks.

Personalized Recording

It features Audio Recorder to track metadata for the tracks recorded. It retrieves details like album, artist, and genre from the music file. It allows you sync your music files to iTunes, edit tags and split music files manually to customize further.

Supports Almost All Sites

Wondershare Allmymusic is designed to record your favorite music from around 500 well-known music sites and online radio stations, such as Spotify, Pandora, iTunes Radio, BBC Radio and YouTube.

No Quality-Loss Guaranteed

With Wondershare Allmymusic for Mac, you can record all your desired music files with 1:1 quality. It assures ZERO Quality Loss as it has a virtual sound card to do it. You can play any audio through the sound card of your PC and it keeps audio quality unharmed.

Tags Your Music Automatically

Wondershare Allmymusic for Mac can automatically collect required information, like album, genre, and artist of the song and removes ads and splits tracks. It allows you edit or personalize any information or save as is.

Burns Playlist into CD

It features a music toolkit to compile the playlists you desire into CD. It is flexible and very simple. Launch CD Burner and drag and drop the playlist.

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