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Stellar Zip Password Recovery is really very useful and helpful utility to get back lost and forgotten password of ZIP file. I have been using this tool for a few months and it is working very well.

Mr.Anthony Walker

  • Stellar Zip Password Recovery

  • Stellar Zip Password Recovery to Regain Forgotten or Lost Zip File Passwords
  • Stellar Zip Password Recovery is a very helpful and useful tool to recover the lost or forgotten password of Zip file made with WinZip from 8.x to 15.x

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Stellar Zip Password recovery comes with interactive and user-friendly options to find the accurate ZIP password and sort down the search criteria. Here are some of its prominent features -
Guaranteed Zip Password Recovery

Stellar Zip recovery comes with advanced ‘Brute Force Attack’ technique for password recovery. This recovery utility provides assured lost or forgotten password recovery, despite of its complexity and length.

Instant Recovery with Masking

With this Stellar Zip Password Recovery tool, you can create the set of characters and recover ZIP password within less time. This tool comes with ‘Mask’ option so you can search only those characters that you have forgotten. You have to add question mark “?” to mask them.

Shortens Down Search Criteria by
Defining Character Set

This is really an efficient option for the user. You can shorten down the criteria by adding the set of characters which defines the lost password. With this option, you can choose the characters from the list of sets like numeric, printable, upper/lower case, special characters and space.

Sets Password Length to Reduce
Search Time

Stellar Zip Password Recovery is the efficient tool to reduce the search time. You can easily specify the password length to short down the password search time. It allows users to set maximum or minimum password length, if they remember. This way, it will search within the specified range only.

Zip Password Recovery

This Stellar Zip Password Recovery tool can recover the forgotten or lost password of ZIP files. With this software, you can search the original password with several advanced techniques. You don’t have to try or guess anything.

Generates Detailed Log

Once the recovery process is done, the software creates a detailed report of the whole operation with complete information, like start time and end time of the process, and passwords. You can analyze the activities with this report. It is also helpful to start the process with more efficiency in future.

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