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Stellar Virtual Machine recovery is the ideal and one-stop tool for all the three virtual data tools. I really like its interface which is very intuitive.

Mr. Jenifer, NY

  • Stellar Virtual Machine Data Recovery

  • Effortlessly recovers deleted and lost data of Virtual Machine

  • Stellar Virtual Machine Data Recovery is the ultimate tool to recover deleted and lost data from ORACLE (.vdj), VMware (.vmdk) and Microsoft (.vhd) virtual files.

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Stellar Virtual Machine Data Recovery has several benefits. Here are some of the major features making it one of the ideal recovery tools out there –
Recovers All Deleted and Lost Data

Stellar Virtual Machine Data Recovery provides different benefits of recovery of all the deleted or lost data from machine installed with any widely-used Virtual Machine tool, for ex, Oracle VirtualBox, VMware Virtual Machine, and Microsoft VirtualPC. All the data can immediately be recovered, such as database files, Office files, audio/video files, image files, archive and backup files and other data.

VMware Data Recovery

Sometimes, the systems installed with VMware software face data loss issues in files with .vmdk extension. This Stellar VHD Data Recovery software locates the files with this extension and uses its own recovery technology to collect every part of data from your PC. It also supports Monolithic Sparse, Monolithic Flat, 2 GB Max Extent Sparse, 2 GB Max Extent Flat file types.

Microsoft VirtualPC Recovery

Stellar Virtual Machine data recovery recovers all types of lost data from system with Virtual PC tool. It also provides seamless recovery from vhd disk image file type.

VirtualBox Recovery

Oracle VirtualBox is among the ideal and most popular virtualization tools. However, it also faces rigorous data loss from installed machines because of operating system crash. The Stellar VHD Recovery tool is well designed to perform recovery from VDJ files for all the applications.

Corrupt Virtual Disks or Volume Recovery

Stellar Virtual Machine recovery tool can get back the data from virtual volumes that are inaccessible due to corruption on virtual machine. This is really an independent tool on the PS and it can be used to make virtual volume.

Provides Suitable Options for Saving

The VHD Data tool comes with a lot of saving options to store the recovered data at any location desired by the user in FTP server or in local hard drive.

Shows Preview of Mailboxes

You can easily see the mail items like Attachments, Emails, Calendar Entries, Notes, Sent Items, and Contacts etc. with this Stellar VHD Recovery tool before actually saving them. This way, you can check out the performance of the software and see how it works.

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