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I have bought home license version of Stellar PST file splitter. It works great for all my basic tasks of PST file splitting. It splits my PST files without any problem. I recommend this product to everyone who wishes to stay away from threatening corruption issues.

Mr. Justin, Tx

  • Stellar Split PST File

  • Stellar Split PST Tool – Split Large PST Files into Small Ones
  • Stellar Split PST tool is excellent utility which divides large PST file into manageable and smaller PST files as per the specific criterion like size, date, folder and email id, and protects them from any corruption issues because of file size limits.

Stellar Split PST utility which helps avoids large PST corruption by dividing and categorizing them in smaller files. It is available in Corporate License and Home User’s License. Here are some of its main features.
Deal With Password Protected Files

Stellar Split PST utility provide you password protected files function which can smartly split PST files by using the option of addressing the password protected PST files. This is the brilliant way to deal with password protected files without any hassle.

Splits Selective PST Files by Date

The Stellar Split PST software is capable to split selective PST file with the user-specified split criterion of PST files, for ex. ‘Split By Date’. To split one file, specify to create a new PST file of all emails sent or received in a date range or all emails sent or received in last 'n' number of months. To split multiple PST files, select them from different locations on your system or select the folder that contains PST files.

Splits Over-Sized PST Files

The Stellar Split PST tool can select the PST file of large size from any location and divides it in several PST files of small sizes. To split the PST file, you can select the PST file either by ‘Add PST’ or ‘Drag & Drop’ option. Also, with its ‘Find PST’ option, you can locate all PST files present on the system.

Splits PST Files According to Size

Stellar Split PST file tool to divide any PST file of large size into several smaller PST files of the size you define. The PST files can be selected from a single folder or different locations on your system. You can split PST file(s) into sizes such as 250MB, 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 7GB & 10GB. You can split it into any of your desired sizes to avoid the problems of corruption in future.

Splits by Email ID

This Stellar PST Splitter software provides another beneficial option to split the Outlook PST file that is ‘Split by Email Id’. You can split PST file through email ID and you can make new PST file with ease which has only emails relevant to specified id which can be seen in ‘CC’, ‘To’, ‘Bcc’ field.

Keeps Original Formatting Intact

This Stellar Split PST File software performs risk-free operation of PST file splitting without making any change on the content or structure of original PST file and the original format of the HTML and RTF email messages is preserved in the PST files that come as a resultant after the PST files are split.

Generates Log Report

Once the operation is complete, with this software you can create a log report of the entire PST files splitting process and You can save the log report that will assist you in verifying the total number of items in the original PST files as well as the PST files that have been split.

Split PST According to Select & Split

This tool provide an option to split selected pst files and with this option, you can select one or multiple folders present in the Outlook PST file and then split them into multiple PST files that consist of only the folders that are specified by you.