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Stellar Server Password Recovery is a very helpful password recovery tool. It is super easy to make a bootable DVD of this software. It works smoothly and resets the password to a blank one so I can easily change it and access the valuable data.

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  • Stellar Server Password Recovery

  • Stellar Server Password Recovery to Reset Windows Server Passwords
  • Stellar Server Password Recovery is an efficient and professional utility to reset Windows Server passwords. It uses smart approach to reset the password of any system running on Windows Server. These systems can easily be configured as domain controllers.

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In order to allow users to facilely reset the password of Windows Server, the Stellar Server Password Recovery can give you complete instructions. It helps you access your valuable data. Here are some salient features of this tool -
Resets Windows Server Password

With Stellar Windows Server password recovery utility, you can unlock your locked server computer. With this software, you can efficiently reset Windows server password that is forgotten or lost. It resets the password without making any smallest change on the original settings.

Recovers RAID Server Password

With Stellar Server Password Recovery, the users can easily reset the password on Windows Server based PC with RAID Array. If the array is not listed in the interface by default, the tool can install the RAID driver and you can select your OS version from the option of ‘Select Server’. It makes this software more credible for the user.

User-Friendly & Simple Interface

In each level, the interface has proper range of instructions with which the whole process can be less time-taking and more comprehensible. The textual and graphical instructions can easily be described in the interface at each step.

Recovers Password through
Bootable DVD

The Stellar Server Password Recovery tool is installed as Bootable ISO Image that can easily be converted as a Bootable DVD. You can easily logon to the PC with this bootable drive in ‘Directory Services Restore Mode’ and run the software to change the exciting password successfully. Keep in mind that you cannot install this software on your PC directly to reset the Windows Server Password. You have to first create the bootable DVD of this product first.


The Stellar Server Password Recovery tool is well designed and built to operate in Windows Server 2003, Server 2000, Server 2008 and Server 2012. It is really an unmatched utility to set the policy standards of the password for such systems. This way, you can choose the best password for your PC.

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