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This Stellar SCO UnixWare recovery tool is really splendid because it allows me to store files at any location after recovery. I can also see different options for it.

Mr. Richard, Australia

  • Stellar SCO UnixWare Data Recovery

  • Stellar SCO UnixWare recovery tool is efficient and recovers all the deleted or lost data from VxFS or UFS based hard drive volumes or drives.

  • Stellar SCO UnixWare recovery tool is capable to recover all your lost folders , files, volumes or directories from inaccessible or corrupt VxFS and UFS based hard drive volumes.

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This Stellar SCO UnixWare recovery tool is loaded to recover data from all VxFS and UFS drives with corrupt Logical Volume Manager (LVM) or corrupt superblocks. Let’s take a look at some of the main features –
SCO UnixWare Recovery

The Stellar SCO UnixWare Data Recovery tool analyzes the data structures of the drive and attributes of file system to provide more reliable and closer data recovery. It collects the drive information from partition table and properly scans the logical drive to find out all the lost folders and files.

Searches for Lost Folders and Files

This Stellar SCO UnixWare Recovery software scans the logical drive with non-destructive system and shows the exact hierarchical series of folders and files. If some of the files are missing from the list, “Search Lost Files/Folders” option will help you find them out.

File Filters for Selective Recovery

This SCO UnixWare recovery tool saves a lot of your time and effort when you just need to recover some of the important files from your hard drive. With the help of “File Filter” option, you can exclude or include extensions for recovery. This way, the tool saves just selected types of files to the specified destination.

Mask Files According to User-Specified

With the help of this SCO UnixWare Data Recovery tool, you can mask files with ease in the recoverable file list shown in the scan process. This way, you can trim the tree structure down and create new tree that features only desired types of files.

Allows Users to Find Files Once
Scanning Done

With this Stellar SCO UnixWare Data Recovery tool, you have the choice to find the files in 3-pane view which is shown once the scanning is done. Click “Find” option on “Tools” menu and specify the filename. It also allows users to use “.DOC” or other wildcards for case-sensitive search.

Recovered Data Saved at Any Location

It shows different options to store recovered data into any location defined by the user. You can perform selective recovery of folders and files.

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