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Stellar RAR Password recovery software is really very helpful for my WinRAR archive. Recently I lost access to my RAR file which contains my important information because it was encrypted. But this tool saved my life by instantly cracking the software.

Mr.Kevin Hall

  • Stellar RAR Password Recovery

  • Stellar RAR Password Recovery to Get Access to Locked WinRAR Files
  • Stellar RAR Password Recovery is a professional utility to efficiently get back the forgotten or lost WinRAR file passwords.

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Stellar RAR Password Recovery is the best tool to extract WinRAR password on the locked RAR files. After that, it will let you access all the valuable data archived in the folder. Here are some prominent features of the tool -
Unlocks RAR Archive with Brute-Force
Attack Technique

The Stellar RAR Password Recovery tool efficiently extracts the RAR files that are protected by password. It uses advanced technique of Brute Force Arrack to recover all the lost passwords. It locates the RAR file passwords by using all the combinations to provide accurate password recovery within short time.

“Mask File” Option to Provide Speedy
and Precise Recovery

The Stellar RAR Password Recovery software provides a lot of masking options to the users to smoothen up the process of searching RAR password. All you need to provide a few characters of the beginning and you can instantly find out the last characters. If you don’t remember the characters, it also allows users to specify the ‘?’ symbol if characters are not known.

Allows Users to Specify Length

Stellar WinRAR Password Recovery software allows users to provide the specific length of password of RAR file. This way, it shortens down the process of password search within the desired length. All you have to specify the maximum and minimum value.

Dynamic Dialog

In order to recover back RAR Password, the software shows the dynamic process dialog in the process. With this dialog box, you can see the status of recovery with various important details, such as expected time for completion, start time of the process and current speed for recovery.

Creates Detailed Log Report

The Stellar RAR Password Recovery tool can efficiently get back WinRAR password and creates the log report of the whole recovery process simultaneously. With this log report, you can get the detailed information related to all the activities done in the application, such as password, start date and time.

Defines Set of Characters

With this RAR Password recovery software, you can easily control the character sets required to crack the password in WinRAR archive. You can choose the specific number of characters or character sets like ‘0-9’, ‘A-Z’ or ‘a-z’, or any special characters.

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