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Stellar iPod Recovery is the ideal tool that helps me to get back all the important files and precious moments back after deletion or loss on my iPod.

Mr. Steve, Denmark

  • Stellar iPod Data Recovery (Windows)

  • Stellar iPod Recovery retrieves back any deleted, lost or formatted data from iPod on Windows PC.

  • This Stellar iPod Recovery can recover all the songs, documents, videos ebooks, podcasts and graphics lost because of iPod formatting or deleted accidently. The tool works on Windows system and helps recover all the lost files without using Mac.

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Stellar iPod Recovery is completely risk free and gets back all the iPod files without making any small change in original format. Here are some of its prominent features –
iPod Recovery

The Stellar iPod Recovery tool comes with various powerful features like Quick Recovery, Advance Recovery and Deleted File Recovery, and efficiently recovers all the videos, audio, images and various multimedia files and other data in iPod from any case of inaccessibility or loss.

Advance Recovery

The Stellar iPod Data Recovery software comes with ‘Advance Recovery’ option to recover all the lost data by completely scanning the iPod. Though this recovery process takes longer time in this software to scan your affected iPod, it delivers more accurate results with highly advanced algorithms.

Finds File You Need from Scan Result

The iPod Recovery software comes with “Find” option to search for any specific file from a large range of scan results. You can also get some of the important sub-options like Match Case, Match Whole Word Only, and Regular Expression to find important file with accuracy.

Recovers Deleted Files

iPod data recovery tool is very innovative and it uses several efficient techniques to recover and scan your deleted files back on iPod. This feature will help you recover all the valuable data which is lost because of intentional/accidental deletion.

Shows Preview of Files to be Recovered

Stellar iPod Files Recovery tool shows the preview of all the iPod files to be recovered, such as videos, images and other files. You can also select the file you desire from the scan result and the tool will show the preview in upper corner.

Selective Recovery

This Stellar iPod Recovery tool lets user to recover only the selected data from the list of files you can recover. From the list of scan results, you can see important files, select them and recover them to save them at your desired location.

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