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Stellar HP UNIX recovery tool is simply fascinating! Its innovative interface makes it easier to get back all my lost files and documents from corrupted hard drive. I am pretty much assured to deal with any data loss situation, all thanks to this tool.

Mr. Rick, NY

  • Stellar HP Unix Data Recovery

  • Stellar HP UNIX Recovery Software to Recover from HP UNIX Hard Drive
  • Stellar HP UNIX recovery utility is capable to recover back lost directories, files and volumes from any hard drive based on HP UNIX OS with JFS 3.3, JFS 3.1, and JFS 3.0 file systems.

Stellar HP UNIX Data Recovery is compatible with Windows OS and recovers all the lost files and data from corrupt HP UNIX hard drives. Here are some of its essential features.
Search Lost Files/Folders

It is quite a powerful feature of this software to reclaim lost folders and files that have been deleted or lost. It uses extensive search algorithm to scan the hard drive and recovers lost data that you cannot recover in normal scan method.

Recovers Almost Anything

Stellar HP UNIX recovery tool is an ideal utility to get back almost everything that has been deleted accidently or lost due to formatting. It is powerful and efficient to get back all the inaccessible information from corruption of partition table or Super Block or due to virus infection.

Narrow Down Scan Output

This Stellar HP Unix Data Recovery utility comes with ‘File Mask’ option to narrow down the scan output. It applies several options for masking. It generates three-pane tree view to display the recoverable files. It matches these files with the masks. User can also undo the tree with ‘Unmask’ option.

Save Scan Information

You can save scan details and resume the process of recovery at any time in both full and demo versions. The Stellar HP Unix Data Recovery software delivers faster recovery operation with this information. You don’t have to rescan the hard drive or volume.

Selective Recovery

In Stellar HP UNIX Recovery tool, the ‘File Filter’ option lets users to do selective data recovery as per the extensions. You may save only desired types of files by adding filters. You can also exclude the types of files you don’t need to recover.

Recovered Data Saved at Any Location

You can save the folders and files at any place after recovery. It is true that Stellar HP UNIX recovery software recovers data from UNIX hard drive volumes only. But it can save these files to any NTFS or FAT hard drive, ZIP drive, USB drive, or any hard drive in the network.