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I used to keep my Excel files locked due to security reasons in my office. But it is really frustrating to remember the password of all files. Thankfully Stellar Excel Password recovery helps me by recovering password within no time. Its filter options make it even faster.

Mr. Jeff Martin

  • Stellar Excel Password Recovery

  • Stellar Excel Password Recovery for Accurate Recovery of Forgotten or Lost Passwords
  • Stellar Excel Password Recovery is a professional recovery utility to recover back both ‘Password to Modify’ and ‘Password to Open’ to a complete password-locked Excel Workbook

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Stellar Excel Password Recovery uses proven techniques of MS Excel Password recovery. It enjoys the benefits of different methods to recover the password of your valuable Excel Workbook. Let’s have a look on some of its prominent features –
Password Length Applied

With Stellar Excel Password Recovery, you can specify the maximum and minimum password length. It uses a result-oriented technique to find out all your lost passwords of MS Excel Spreadsheet. This way, it reduces the search duration and overall criteria to crack the accurate password.

Cracks XLSX/XLS Password

Stellar XLS Password recovery tool recovers password with ease. It can instantly and easily recover all the forgotten or lost passwords within just few steps. With this tool, you can recover any password, despite of the complexity level and length of password. It provides access to all the encrypted Excel Spreadsheets. It helps you recover back all the passwords so you can easily start modifying your important Excel files again.

Allows Users Choose Character Set

Stellar Excel Password Recovery tool allows users to filter their unique character set, like ‘A-Z’, ‘a-z’, All Printable, 0-9, Space and Special Characters. You can get the best results with this feature within just a few seconds. As a tool, this software takes only those character sets specified by the users. In the recovery process, it uses different character sets to find out the accurate results.

The Masking Technique

With this Stellar Excel Password Recovery tool, you can use the ‘Masking’ option. This option allows you not to compromise accuracy and speed. This advanced option allows users to mask the password characters they don’t know with “?”. You can also define the beginning characters in the password on Excel sheet to get immediate results.

Dynamic Dialog

With the help of Dynamic Process Dialog, Stellar Excel Password Recovery tool can easily update you with the status of recovery process. You can easily see the start time, recovery speed and expected time for completion of Excel Password recovery.

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