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Stellar Database Repair for MySQL is really very user-friendly utility and it gives customizable options. I can change it as per my convenience. The best part is that it allows me to choose what I need to repair and what not in main interface.

Mr. Kevin Clark

  • Stellar Database Repair for MySQL

  • Stellar MySQL Database Repair to Completely Restore Corrupt Databases
  • Stellar MySQL Database Repair is comprehensive utility to fix and recover corrupt MySQL databases and restore all the unreadable database objects safely, such as views, primary keys, triggers and more.

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Stellar Database Repair for MySQL has been designed to provide safe and secure database repair. It fixes all corruption issues, such as database engine problem, application bugs, etc. to name a few. Here are some of its salient features –
Corrupt MySQL Recovery

With Stellar Database Repair for MySQL , you can repair all the corrupt databases and restore the data from unreadable table and table spaces. It allows the user to recover the database completely and it ensures recovery of tables and other objects without changing original format.

Fixes MyISAM and InnoDB Tables

The Stellar MySQL Database Repair tool supports recovery of InnoDB and MyISAM database engines and lets users restore database tables on its original state. It recovers relationship constraints, table properties, and keys of InnoDB and MyISAM tables.

Shows Preview of Scanned Objects

Once scanning is done, the tool gives you the sneak peek of all the scanned databases and their objects, hence, allowing users to save the desired objects at any location. It shows the scanned objects in three-pane view on the left pane.

Recovery on Linux

This MySQL Database Repair utility gives the added convenience to the users by recovering the database objects made on Linux platform. You can copy the ‘ibdata1’ file and database folders in Linux PC and it will recover on your Windows PC.

Automatic/Manual Database Selection

When it comes to choose databases, the tool provides two options to the users – select databases manually or repair directly to default location. It adds the flexibility for the user so one can repair as per their own needs.

Repair Several Databases at Once

The Stellar MySQL Database Repair tool is capable to start batch MySQL repair within one attempt. This feature is very useful to minimize the painstaking stress with a streamlined and simple repair operation.

Customizable and User-Friendly

The Stellar MySQL Database Repair tool comes with user-friendly and interactive interface which provides instant access toolbar and menu ribbons. It allows users to do several operations and get the desired feel and look and fully customize the tool.

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