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I am really happy with the features of this repair utility. It gives me added support with its log report. I can easily continue the recovery process and pause at any point of time without any loss. It gives hassle-free experience. I don’t need any professional help to use this.

Mr. Justin, Tx

  • Stellar Database Repair for FileMaker

  • Stellar Database Repair for FileMaker – An Advanced Tool to Repair FileMaker Data
  • Stellar Database Repair for FileMaker is an advanced data recovery utility which efficiently repairs data from inaccessible FileMaker Databases. It repairs data along with the tables from the database which is badly corrupt, without making any change in original formatting. It can recover several database objects like Number, Date, Text, Time, Container, Timestamps, etc.

Stellar Database Repair for FileMaker is an advanced recovery tool which comes with user-friendly and highly interactive interface to provide exceptional user interface and hassle-free and smooth recovery. It is an innovative recovery utility which has a lot of helpful features.
Repairs Corrupt/Damaged
FileMaker Database

Stellar FileMaker Pro Database Repair tool efficiently repairs damaged or corrupt FileMaker database. It also retrieves back all the database Tables with data of different types, such as Images, Textual Data, Date, Timestamps, Time, Calculation, data type summary etc.

Locate Specified Table with
Search Option

The Stellar Database Repair for FileMaker software includes Search option with which it can easily find the Table while previewing, from the wide database where thousands of Tables are found.

Recovery of Summary & Calculations

This Stellar Database Repair for FileMaker utility can recover the data for Summary or Calculations field of corrupted database Tables very smoothly and comprehensively.

Shows Preview of Table Data

Once the scanning process is completed, Stellar Database Repair for FileMaker shows the preview of all the tables to be recovered, along with their original content. This way, you can verify the files and ensure that the data is still there in the corrupt files and objects. You can recover all the information within less time.

Online Updates

You can check for updates in this software manually. It allows you download the updates available. The software allows users to keep itself and its features up-to-date.

Convenient Storage

The Stellar Database Repair for FileMaker gives you the added convenience by saving all the recovered video, audio and images in specific folder named ‘Recovered Images’.

Log Report

The Log Report of the software includes all the information of the process of recovery. It allows users to save and see the Log Report at any specific location.