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For my Outlook application, Stellar Compact PST tool is like a boon. It does its job greatly without any single error on operation. Everything is done smoothly. The interface is pretty decent and familiar. All the options are clearly visible.

Mr. Anne, Russia

  • Stellar Compact PST File

  • Stellar Compact PST File – An All-Inclusive Tool to Compact Large Outlook PST Data
  • Stellar Compact PST is a professional utility to compact MS Outlook PST data which is large in size. As a result, it reduces the chance of corruption of PST file and prevents it to exceed its size limit. It separates attachments from emails and stores in a particular hard drive or folder to compress the PST file which is oversized.

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Stellar Compact PST utility separates messages and their attachments and compacts PST Files efficiently. Here are some of its remarkable features –
Compacts OST/PST Files

Stellar Compact PST can compact both data files of MS Outlook – Offline Storage Table (OST) and Personal Storage Table (PST). In the compaction process, all the email attachments are extracted and stored in an individual folder. As a result, it drastically reduces the PST file size and risk of oversize corruption. The tool also provides links to email attachments. You can also use this tool with POP3 Internet and MS Exchange Server.

Compacts All Outlook/Incoming

This Stellar Compact PST tool is competent to compact all the outgoing and incoming emails on the way. You can apply the settings to do this.

Changes the Location of Attachment
Folder for Added Flexibility

If Attachment folder is getting larger and drive is getting full, it allows you change the folder’s location. In addition, it rebuilds the inter-connection between attachments and emails automatically.

Compaction Scheduling

The Stellar Compact PST software allows you plan the time of PST file compaction for particular time and date. It allows users to schedule it to work at any time of the day when application starts.

Add-In on Outlook Application

After installing the Stellar Compact PST application, it will start showing as Add-In at the top left corner of your Outlook application.

Compaction of Specific Folders

Stellar Compact PST Tool allows users to compact the select folder of data file. You can choose ‘Apple To’ option in it on the folder.

Creates Detailed Log Report

The Stellar Compact PST tool can create the report of the whole process of PST compaction. You can view and save the report at your desired location. You may check out the report later.

Support & Compatibility

To shrink PST file data, Stellar Compact PST tool needs the following specifications – Supports 64-bit version of MS Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016
Compatible with MS Windows 2003, Xp, Vista, 7, 8 and 10

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