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Stellar BKF Recovery is a great software. Truly speaking, it is amazing tool for my backup files. Now I have no need to worry about any losses because this tool is here.

Ms. Helena, New Jersey

  • Stellar BKF Recovery Tool

  • Stellar BKF Recovery Tool – Restore BKF Data from Damaged or Corrupt Windows Backup Files
  • Stellar BKF Recovery is a proficient utility which can repair the backup files corrupt or damaged due to any condition.

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Stellar BKF Recovery utility is designed to deal with all the issues of vulnerability like “Run Time Error”, “Unrecognizable File” and “CRC Errors” which are responsible for corruption in BKF files. It can deal with any situations and recovers all the BKF files and their valuable data.
Searches Files

The BKF Recovery tool features ‘Search File’ with which you can locate the files desired. This feature will help you find all the BKF files in any specific subfolder or folder or the whole volume in your hard drive.

Repairs Backup Files

Stellar BKF file recovery utility can repair all the BKF files corrupted due to any issue in Windows 2000, Xp and 2003. It can also repair ZIP files and default BKF files in Windows Vista, 7 and 8. You can get all the data back from damaged or inaccessible files.

Automatic & Easy Repair

For BKF Repair, the software uses smart approach with which it enables you choose the BKF file which is corrupt or damaged. It automatically begins the process of repair and recovery and displays the list of items scanned in tree structure.

Previews Recovered BKF Files

It is capable to smoothly repair all the BKF files and lets you see the scanned list of files before you start recovery. This way, you can have an instant look at all the important data before you save the BKF file after recovery in your PC.

Recovered Files Saved at
Convenient Location

You will have many options in this tool to save the BKF file after repair. You may save either all the backup files in the same backup folder or group of files you desire. You may restore these files at the location desired by you.

Log Report Saved on Desired Path

The BKF Recovery tool can effectively and efficiently scan all the backup files corrupted due to any reason. You can also save the scan reports in DAT file format. This way, you can conveniently recover the BKF files later with this log report.

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