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Stellar Access Password Recovery is the best and most helpful tool for password recovery. It is a lot difficult, as an administrator, to remember different passwords. For me, this Access password recovery tool is a lot helpful.

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  • Stellar Access Password Recovery

  • Stellar Access Password Recovery Tool to Recover ACCDB/MDB File Passwords
  • Stellar Access Password Recovery is a professional tool to recover forgotten or lost ACCDB or MDB file passwords in MS Access 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2007.

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Stellar Access Password Recovery is a professional tool which gives you widest range of options to crack all the lost passwords on MDB and ACCDB files of MS Access. It supports all versions of MS Access. It retrieves passwords on MS Access with most efficient mechanism. Here are some of its salient features –
Allows Users to Define Password

Stellar Access Password Recovery allows users to define the length of passwords (no. of characters). With the help of maximum and minimum length of the password, Stellar Access password recovery software searches the password as per the defined range and delivers accurate results faster.

Reduces Search Duration with ‘Masking’

With cutting-edge masking techniques, this Access password recovery utility offers only a few, but most accurate, starting characters of the password. It allows users to mask the character he doesn’t remember with ‘?’.

Provides ‘Character Set’ Filter

Stellar Access Password Recovery tool lets users to specify the character set it can use to search for the password. It shows the list of all the characters to the user. You can choose from them and get the results within less time.

Locates Databases of MS Access

With ‘Search File’ feature, the software finds out all the ACCDB and MDB files in your PC. This way, you can save most of your time in opening each folder individually and finding the encrypted file.

Uses Brute-Force Attack

The tool utilizes its specific Brute-Force Attach technique to recover the password on MDB files and tries to crack the password with all the possible combinations of characters. The time of recovery varies according to the complexity level of the password.

Access Password Restored in Text File

With this Access Password Recovery tool, users can immediately see the preview of the passwords after recovery and the search process. With this tool, you can get the option to save the Access password after recovery in text file at any specific location.

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