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Easy Spy Pro is excellent and very helpful app for me. It helps me take better care of my teenage children. I can easily monitor their activities on social media. I can better ensure the safety of their activities. It also helps me set parental control on their web access.

Mr. Andrew, CA

  • Easy Spy Pro

  • Easy Spy Pro – Spy on iPads, Cell Phones and Tablets
  • Introducing Easy Spy Pro! The simplest and most powerful app to spy on iPads, Cell Phones, Tablets! Get all the information you need with this powerful yet efficient app.

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Does your staff, child or loved one protect their cell phones from you? Is their phone locked with password? Do they get aggressive if you ask them to use their phone? If it is so, you should go for Easy Spy Pro. Here are its salient features –
Shows iMessages

All the iMessages received or sent from the desired phone will be shown on Secure Online Account and you can view them at anytime.

Text Messages

You can easily track all the text messages on the targeted device which are received and send even in case they have been removed.

Call Logs

Get complete information of every call made from and to the target device.

Track Facebook Activities

You can have an eye on all the activities of the user in social media. You can see the data on your online account.

GPS Tracking

Within the range of 50 feet of the actual location of user, you can spy on their cell phone and know the actual location.

Browsing History

You can view the complete list of all the web pages visited by the user. It will show you the active link so you can visit it.

We Chat

You can access the complete list of all the WeChat conversations in the target phone with the active link. All you need to tap the link and access the exact page.


Even in case they are removed from the target phone, you can see the text notes received and send from the phone.


Just like in We Chat, you can easily access all the Line messenger conversations. You can tap on the exact link and see the page.
All you need to login with your PC or mobile device and you can view all the data and activities on Secure Online Account. It supports hundreds of mobile device brands like Android devices of LG, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Sony etc. and iPhones.

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