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Awesome and amazing downloader! I love its video player because I don’t have to download any third-party player to watch my favorite videos. Whenever I want to save any important video, I just use this software. It gives me amazing user experience with its unique interface.

Mr. Harsh, New York

  • Apowersoft Video Downloader Suite

  • Apowersoft Video Downloader Suite – Record, Play, Download & Convert Online Videos
  • Apowersoft Video Downloader Suite is very helpful software to record, download, convert and play movies, videos, and TV shows streaming on Dailymotion, YouTube, Yahoo Video, and Vimeo. After conversion and download, you can transfer your online streaming files to USB drive, PC or any mobile device like MP4 player, iPod and iPhone.

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Video Downloader Suite is here to find some nice videos you should download on your mobile device. You can access thousands of videos you would like to keep along. It is the efficient and powerful video editor.
User-Friendly Interface for
YouTube Lovers

When it comes to video sharing, we all head to YouTube first. Video Downloader Suite is here to help you convert and save your favorite YouTube videos. It features the list of well-known videos every day on YouTube. And the best part is that you can get all your favorite videos with Download All Videos button.

Supports Lots of Video Sources

Web world is full of tons of video sharing sources, such as movie, TV, and live streaming sites. Video Downloader Suite from Apowersoft has unique technology where you can copy and paste the URL to search and download the video. You can also enable its in-built video recorder to record all the videos you watch without having to copy and paste URL.

Freely Searches All Your
Favorite Videos

It features in-built search function that has been improved. It allows you search your favorite videos by sorting the video and typing keywords. You can search and download videos by length and video quality, and with duration like medium (4 to 20 minutes), short (0 – 4 minutes) and long (20 minutes or longer).

Batch Download Videos

There is no need to download videos one by one and wait for them. All you have to list all your favorite videos on the download tab. Just leave it minimized on the taskbar and it will automatically download all the files.

In-Built Video Player Supports
All Formats

Basic video players cannot play most downloaded videos from the online sources, for ex, FLV and other formats. But it has its own video player to play all the videos downloaded from the online video sources.