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Really very simple to use! It does more than my expectations. Its interactive interface is truly mesmerizing. I love it when it converts my favorite MKV movies faster than any other conversion utility. I used to watch movies on my Smartphone and its inbuilt player doesn’t support MKV. But MKV Converter Studio does it well to convert videos into AVI and MP4.

Mr. Mark, US

  • Apowersoft MKV Converter Studio

  • Apowersoft MKV Converter Studio – Convert All MKV Files with Subtitles
  • MKV Converter Studio from Apowersoft is among the best tools for MKV conversion as it can convert MKV files without changing subtitles. You can also convert your favorite HD Videos in MKV files to other supportable formats to play in various digital devices like Xbox 360, Apple TV, Zune, iPad, iPod, PSP, MP4 Player, PS3 and iPhone.

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MKV Converter Studio – Salient

Most users also say it MKV to AVI Converter because most of them enjoy videos into AVI format and convert their MKV videos in this format.

Convert MKV Videos with Subtitles

MKV Converter Studio allows users to convert and edit videos of MKV format. It can also convert subtitles and import them from external files for the video, like .srt, .ass, .sub, .smi, .tex, .psb and .idx.

Supports All Digital Devices
after Conversion

Once the MKV files are converted, all of them will be supported completely with all the digital devices like Android Smartphone, Apple TV, Zune, MP4 player, iPad, Blackberry, PSP, PS3 and iPhone.

An Excellent Tool

You can efficiently convert your MKV files in your desired formats without any quality issues. This excellent tool can convert these files in all the well known formats and supports various formats like WMA, MP4, AAC, WMA, M4A and OGG.

Works as Typical Video Converter

This conversion utility works as a typical MKV to DivX converter, MKV to AVI Converter, MKV to MP4 converter, MKV to MP3 converter and MKV to WMV converter.

Crops, Edits and Trims MKV Videos

This software enables users to capture images from any MKV video as bmp or jpeg on the PC and crops or trims MKV videos before conversion.

Supports MKV Merging and Batch

It enables users to convert a lot of MKV files consequently. It also allows users to transform a lot of MKV files through merging.

Option to Optimize Conversion Speed

Basically there are few factors responsible to affect the conversion duration, such as output file settings, size and length of MKV file, and configuration of your PC. But you can still speed up the duration of conversion by changing the number of CPU core. For example, choosing 4 cores means having 4 times shorter duration to convert files.