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Bought FoneCopy recently! Worked really very well and made transferring data easy.

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  • Aiseesoft FoneCopy Phone Transfer

  • Professional Aiseesoft FoneCopy Phone Transfer Software

  • FoneCopy Phone Transfer is the best phone data transfer tool that provides 1-click transfer of data from phone to phone.

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Aiseesoft FoneCopy Phone Transfer – Key Features
Aiseesoft FoneCopy Phone Transfer

It doesn’t matter you are switching from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android, this data transfer tool is here to sync your life on your device. Aiseesoft FoneCopy Phone Transfer is for everyone who is switching from iPhone to Android and wants to transfer everything to a whole new platform. It can transfer photos, contacts, and media files from iPhone to Android and all such things are just 1 click away.

Old Phone Data Transferred to New Device

Have you changed your phone? Now you want to transfer photos, contacts and music on your old device to another. If old phone’s files are much valuable for you, you would like to transfer them from old to new phone. Here, you have the fastest solution, FoneCopy. All you need to connect both of your devices over Aiseesoft FoneCopy Phone Transfer and it will transfer photos, phone numbers and music from old phone to new one. It can transfer everything to new device it detects.

Backup Data from Smashed/Dead
Phone to New Device

If your phone got unusable or damaged but PC can still recognize it, you should back up the data in it. If you have any other tablet or smart phone, you can backup data to any other device. Now you can solve this problem with Aiseesoft FoneCopy Phone Transfer software by backing up data on smashed or dead phone to any other phone.

Lost Data in iTunes? Don’t Worry!

iTunes is an effective tool for file transfer in iPad, iPhone and iPod and the biggest trouble is that you can overwrite the data with last sync. You cannot retrieve the former data once it is done. But Aiseesoft FoneCopy can make it possible to securely transfer from one phone to another. You can either transfer to any other device directly or after deleting data on destination device. All you need is few simple clicks and two USB cables.

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