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NCH VRS Recording System software is really wonderful and exciting software as using it is no big deal for me, even though I am a non-technical user.

Mr.- Raul

  • NCH VRS Recording System Software

  • Professional NCH VRS Recording System Tool

  • NCH VRS Recording System software is a multi-channel telephone and audio recorder for day-to-day recording

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NCH VRS Recording System software is capable to record several audio channels with each other with auto digital signal processing and level control to enhance intelligibility. It automatically compresses recordings automatically and searches them by time, date, line etc.
Auto Voice Control and Recorder

NCH VRS Recording System software can record 1-to-64 audio channels on one PC simultaneously and comes with continuous, hardware port control or auto voice activated modes. It improves voice intelligibility with signal processing and provides automatic level control. You can search for recordings by channel, date etc. in Play and Find window. After compression, you can save audio as mp3, wav or gsm formats. It can backup or mirror recordings through FTP and send the recordings to email addresses and log recording information to CSV file or SQL database. For third party programs, it consists of SDK for recording control. The VRS Remote Monitor also makes it possible to listen to live recording on the go.

Station Logging & Radio Recording

For consistent 24x7 recording, it features continuous recording mode. If you want to record hour-long files, the NCH VRS Recording System tool can make it more manageable for break long recordings. For specific times and dates, it performs schedule recordings. It also reduces hard drive specification requirements with high compression settings.

Telephone (Call) Recording

You can record around 64 telephone lines automatically and consistently, log dialed phone numbers, get outgoing call report and estimate displays, search by dialed DTMF number, start/stop recording from stations, record VoIP calls with Express Talk softphone, and detect and configure VRS recording with Axon Virtual PBx.


  • • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and Xp
  • • Sound card in PC for single channel recording
  • • Multi-channel sound card or multiple sound cards for multi-channel recording
  • • USB sound devices

  • Note – NCH VRS Recording System software is a 32-bit recording software. So, keep in mind that the hardware you are using includes 32-bit drivers. If you are using 64-bit hardware, make sure to install TAPI 32-bit files so the software can work properly

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