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I tried the trial version of NCH Zulu Professional DJ Software and it worked great. Now going to buy because it is very useful for my career!

Mr.- Akhil

  • NCH Zulu Professional DJ Software

  • NCH Zulu Professional DJ Software for DJ mixing like a pro for Windows and Mac
  • NCH Zulu Professional DJ tool is the comprehensive DJ Mixing solution which comes with several powerful and effective features combined with user-friendly interface to make your mixing job fun and easy. You can mix your favorite music live and go creative with effects on the go.

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NCH Zulu Professional DJ Software – Key Features
Automatic Beat Detection

NCH Zulu Professional DJ Software provides auto beat detection to keep your songs on beat. All you need to load the track on your deck and it will scan the file automatically for beat, assign BPM (Beat Per Minute) and change tempo on second deck to provide ideal synchronization.

Powerful and User Friendly

NCH Zulu Professional DJ Software is really a powerful tool to control your room with the help of tracks which will turn up your audience and flow. With the help of user-friendly interface, even an amateur DJ can produce their sessions with ease. It is powerful tool for the professionals and helps them create their signature style.

Amazing Features Loved by all DJs

NCH Zulu Professional DJ allows you cross fade along the tracks with ease. You can easily adjust the tempo and pitch in real time. You can mix your sound tracks seamlessly thanks to its integrated auto-play mode. The NCH Zulu Professional DJ tool provides auto beat detection and it supports various audio formats like mp3, wav etc. So, you can easily record your mixes and save them at your desired format. It allows you apply your desired effects like reverb and distortion in real time. For extra effects, you can use VST plugin support. You can loop the section on the track and sync it to the BPM. It keeps your tracks from accidents with safe live mode to ensure your show going on flawlessly.

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