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NCH Quorum Call Conference Software is very simple and easy to use software as it connects me to multiple users at the same time in my office.

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  • NCH Quorum Call Conference Software

  • Professional NCH Quorum Call Conference Software
  • NCH Quorum Call Conference tool works as a conference server on your Windows PC. You can join telephone conferences by dialing into the server.

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NCH Quorum Call Conference Software – Key Features
Connect with VoIP Lines or Standard Lines

You can easily connect to the conference either using VoIP or standard telephone lines or with your office phone. It limits the number of people to join your conference call only through your bandwidth.

Secure & Unique Conference Number

When a caller chooses the option for creating a new conference call, the NCH Quorum Call Conference Software will read back and assign a secure and unique conference number. Then the conference creator provides this number to all the participants of the conference. So, if anyone dials into the server and enters the conference number, they will enter into the existing conversion with other members of same conference.

Call Simulator for Testing

NCH Quorum Call Conference is available for free trial on your Windows PC and you can use free VoIP server or Call Simulator for testing. It just takes a few minutes to complete process without having to buy the download. After testing the system and getting it more suitable, you can buy the license.

Manages Unlimited Conferences

NCH Quorum Call Conference Software is used to manage limitless number of conferences simultaneously. It limits the number of conferences and calls only through your bandwidth available. With SIP protocol of international standard, you can connect to the members through VoIP.

Improved Connections

You can easily connect to phone lines or PBX analog extensions through telephony devices. You can allocate few more conference IDs easily over your phone.

User Friendly and Simple

The NCH Quorum Call Conference Software is very easy and user-friendly and it has intuitive interface making it easy to operate for your daily business use. You can easily make VoIP calls with VoIP SIP providers that can save all of your call costs. Within few minutes, it can run conferences and install. Through user interface, you can easily chance the voice prompts. You will have call conference number allocated to join your predefined conferences.

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