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Really an amazing mixer! Mixing music is my passion. But NCH MixPad Multitrack makes it easier for me.

Mr.- Andy

  • NCH MixPad Multitrack Audio Recording and Mixing Software

  • NCH MixPad Multitrack is a sound mixing and recording tool which is best choice for music and audio production

  • NCH MixPad Multitrack Audio mixing and recording tool provides you access to all the powers of a professional mixing and recording equipment in an individual platform which streamlines mixing process.

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NCH MixPad Multitrack is music mixing app that mixes your music in professional quality and integrates with lots of audio tools and it is free for personal use. Though it doesn’t look alike a typical studio mixing console, but it does the same with drag-and-drop layout which is user-friendly and its visuals are like Office and Explorer. It edits and rips sample tracks, audio clips, adds effects like reverb and beats, and changes patches. It also supports recordings of low latency for great audio quality.
Mix Limitlessly

NCH MixPad Multitrack Audio Recording and Mixing Software gives you freedom to mix endless number of audio and vocal tracks and music. You can record several tracks at once or single track. It also gives you functionality to load any kind of audio file with more supported formats than other mixers available in the market.

Multiple Effects

Along with loading several files, you can add various effects, such as compression, EQ, reverb etc. It also allows you royalty-free sound effects as well as music library and you can use a lot of clips in production.

VST Plugin

NCH MixPad Multitrack Audio Recording and Mixing Software comes with VST plugin support to add more special studio effects and use instruments.

ASIO Support

To ensure accurate recording, it comes with ASIO support of very low latency.

Other Features

The NCH MixPad Multitrack Audio Recording and Mixing tool supports from 6 kHz to 96 kHz of sample rates. This way, you can export tracks at various bit depths. It allows you mix audio to mp3, upload productions and burn them to CDs. From wav files of studio quality to any kind of high compression format, you can save your mixes in any type of file for sharing online.

Multi-Track Recording

NCH MixPad Multitrack audio recording and mixing software record vocals and instruments for your production. You can mix your favorite music tracks of desired album and create a professional mash up. You can also create sound tracks for slideshows and videos, make podcasts and mix voiceovers for commercials with background music.

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