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NCH Inventoria Stock management Software is really very helpful for our business as it helps very much in stock maintenance. It is a boon for our retail operations.

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  • NCH Inventoria Stock management Software

  • NCH Inventoria Stock Management tool for stock control and business inventory management
  • NCH Inventoria Stock management manages and monitors inventory to boost your returns and streamline your business

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NCH Inventoria Stock Management is an intuitive tool designed to make it easy to streamline your business. You can definitely streamline your inventory processes after quick installation within minutes.
Create Orders Instantly

You can easily create your purchase orders and email them to your vendors directly. It allows you keep the database of suppliers and customers active. With the help of low-level warnings, your store will never go out of stock and you know when to order next stock. Once you received the orders, you can easily update item quantities.


NCH Inventoria Stock management Software will report and keep track on stock levels, averages and costs. You can check out the inventory levels by category, location or any criteria. It shows the product history to see when you got the orders and received items.

Manage Locations and Users

NCH Inventoria Stock Management is the best tool to transfer your stock between several locations. Users can get web access in several locations to enter the system. For different users, you can easily assign different access levels. With the help of web interface, it also provides access to the program on your Android smart phone or iPhone. It helps you manage several businesses with each other.

Stock Control

With the help of CSV file, the NCH Inventoria Stock management Software can import current stock, scan in the barcodes to add more new items, add URLs, notes and photos to the descriptions of items. The items are grouped into categories for well-organized control of stock. You can set sales units in bundles or by weight for the items you have sold. The tool can be integrated with various programs of the businesses in order to maintain data around all parts of the business.

User-Friendly Interface

In order to get started, it helps users with some helpful features like initial setup wizard that guides you through setting up all the portions of database, such as supplier information and company. You can easily find the icons for creating reports, adding items and configuration settings.

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