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Amazing NCH HourGuard Timesheet tool for productivity! Saves a lot of time of mine and allows me to focus only on my work.

Mr.- Henry

  • NCH HourGuard Timesheet Software

  • NCH HourGuard Timesheet Software gives you the flexibility to focus on your work without logging hours
  • NCH HourGuard Timesheet software helps you track your working hours with its user-friendly interface. All you need to click on Start button when you start work and Stop when it ends. This time tracking tool can do everything for you, from generating time sheets and invoices.

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NCH HourGuard Timesheet – Key Features
Flexible and User-Friendly

With NCH HourGuard Timesheet Software, you can just focus on your work and stop worrying about recording your hours. It gives added flexibility to see your achievements. With the help of detailed information and reports of hours taken on the given tasks and its sub-tasks, it will show you the window of your work day and it runs on the background quietly until you use it.

Good for Those Who Work on Hourly Basis

NCH HourGuard Timesheet Software is best choice for freelancers and those professionals who work on hour basis and bill on their work hours. This software works wonder with Express Invoice Invoicing software in order to convert your time taken into invoice. So, billing process and time tracking can be made easy with this tool.

Create and Record Timing

NCH HourGuard Timesheet Software is easy to use task time recording software with which you can create and record the timing of each task taken. So, there is no need to write the tasks manually. Hence, you can easily charge for your services with accuracy.

Asks Hourly Rate for One Time
and Bills Automatically

When you open HourGuard for the first time, you will be required to enter your hourly rate. By default, it will use the same rate for all the tasks done. But it also has option to change value for specific tasks. Once you are done, you can start it. It will show the timer on the lower end of screen with time taken by you.

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