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Such a nice creation from NCH! Now I can play all my old records on my iPhone.

Mr.- Annie

  • NCH Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter Software

  • NCH Golden Records can convert all your favorite cassettes and records to MP3 files or CD on your Windows PC or Mac

  • NCH Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter allows users to convert cassette tapes and vinyl records to digital audio.

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You can transcript various LP records, whether it is rarely playable Golden Records or audiophile quality, with NCH Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter. It will always give you archival quality, excellent outcomes all the time. Even on scratchy platters, this audio track splitter can work and give highest quality possible in recording tracks. All in all, it produces great sound quality in recording.
Get Back to the Memory Lane by
Spinning Your Old Favorites

All your favorites will sound the best thanks to NCH Golden Records. It can automatically clean up the audio which is damaged, through its restoration features. It eliminates all the clicks, hisses, and pops from scratched records or old cassettes. While converting, it normalizes the volume of CD recordings and applies offset correction while converting dc audio to mp3.

User-Friendly Converter to Convert Vinyl and Cassettes to CD or MP3

You can get along the conversion process with its user-friendly wizard. It detects silence automatically and splits audio into tracks. It converts records of 78 RPM on 45 RPM player. You can apply Phono RIAA eq so you won’t need any pre-amplifier. The record player can be connected to your PC directly.

Converts Records in Several Formats

NCH Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter can be used to convert music for different uses and encodes to wave or mp3 digital formats. It features in-built CD burner to record CDs after running the wizard. After conversion, you can transfer audio to your iPod, iPhone or PSP.


NCH Golden Records Vinyl to CD Converter works on Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, Vista and Xp. It is also compatible to Mac OS X 10.4 or latest. It needs at least 600 MB of free space in hard drive for installation. To burn audio, you need a CD burner drive. If you want to convert audio from LP, you need a record player. If you want to convert audio from audio cassettes, you need a cassette deck.

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