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Really the best choice for me! I was looking for something to spy on my employees’ working. It helps me know what they are doing without going to their desk.

Mr.- David

  • NCH FlexiServer Employee Management Software

  • Professional NCH FlexiServer Employee Management Software
  • NCH FlexiServer Employee Management software keeps tracks on staff working hours and their activity on computer. It makes vacation time, tracking hours and sick leave a lot simple for HR and employees. It monitors computer usage for security, quality control and legal compliance.

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NCH FlexiServer Employee Management Software – Key Features
Track Employee Attendance and
Working Hours

NCH FlexiServer Employee Management Software is the automatic employee management software to log attendance and working hours of staff. It comes with some more tools to ensure quality in reporting and monitoring and it works with remote and home employees.

Creates Flexible Environment

You can monitor and track employee hours with NCH FlexiServer Employee Management Software from any location. Whether you have home staff or at other location, you can install FlexiServer to keep an eye on the employee hours.

Improve Efficiency & Productivity

With the help of reports for job costing, you can improve how a business operates. You can get to see exactly what your staff is doing and how they are taking more time. See the percentage of time of staff member spent on all applications.

Know What Your Employee Doing

With the help of NCH FlexiServer Employee Management Software, the managers can confidently know what is getting done by the employees without having to go personality to them. It comes with private mode because it respects the need for privacy of employees and it makes monitoring non-invasive.

Other Benefits

It saves employees from filling out their working sheets recording their working hours. It gives 24x7 access to reports and hours to the managers and HR department. It allows management to monitor contract, outsourced or remote staff. It also gives freedom to employees to work on more flexible hours where and when they desire. It prevents misuse of computer, such as unauthorized downloads and watching videos.

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