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Very user-friendly and amazing software! I really love this NCH FastFox Typing Expander tool.

Mr.- Erick

  • NCH FastFox Typing Expander Software

  • NCH FastFox Typing Expander for fastest word expansion and to store keyboard shortcuts and macros
  • NCH FastFox Typing Expander is the best software to insert the most widely used text easily and quickly. It expands paragraphs, phrases, images and documents.

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NCH FastFox Typing Expander software is the best choice for those who are used to type the identical text again and again. It improves your productivity and typing speed. You can easily access frequently-used text through abbreviations and various shortcuts.
No Need to Type Same Thing Repeatedly

With NCH FastFox Typing Expander Software, you no longer have to type the same text over and over again. It will improve your speed by storing new shortcut. The shortcut will expand if you type text and enter shortcut keys simultaneously. It allows you create your own shortcuts. All you need to enter both text and shortcut it will expand to.

Works Everywhere

You can use the shortcuts in any program, such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook emails because NCH FastFox Typing Expander Software works in background.

Inserts Image & Expands Text

You can expand your keyboard shortcuts into phrases or words and create endless number of text shortcuts. You can expand text length without any limit. It creates shortcut to add images or save formatted expansions or save plain text.

Creates Macros and Shortcuts

For any actions, you can define macros through special keys like Ctrl, Shift and Alt. From several key commands, you can create shortcuts. In any program you can use macros. NCH FastFox Typing Expander allows you restore and backup shortcuts and groups. Shared shortcut file can be used on network in order to standardize text around your business.

Interactive Auto-complete

NCH FastFox Typing Expander Software is smart enough to learn the phrases you use most commonly and suggests when you type them. This way, you can choose and insert on the go. Make your typing faster with the power of auto-complete.

Basic Applications

  • • Expands abbreviation
  • • Several rich text signatures on email
  • • Common responses to customer inquiries and email
  • • Lowest transcription time by 30%
  • • Store complex and long legal and medical phrases

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