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Really a great NCH Express Dictate Software! It can be connected easily with Dictaphone.

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  • NCH Express Dictate Software

  • NCH Express Dictate tool to send and record dictation from your computer

  • NCH Express Dictate is a voice recorder which works mostly like a Dictaphone. With this tool, you can use your Mac or Windows PC to send dictation through email to your typist. You can send it over the network or internet.

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NCH Express Dictate Software – Key Features
Improved Turnaround Time

NCH Express Dictate dictation software is specifically designed to drastically improve the turnaround time and allow users to work on the go. You can instantly send your dictations over email. It sends higher quality dictations and it is more reliable than old dictation equipments. It can also keep an eye on the status of your work and estimated completion time.

Coordinates with Dictaphone

You can also use the traditional Dictaphone or any other dictation recorder to dictate at your PC if you are somewhere else and you don’t have PC. It comes with “Dock” Express Dictate feature with which you can send your dictation instantly to your typist digitally.

Supports Various Formats

NCH Express Dictate software records your voice in mp3, wav and dct formats. It has excellent signal processing quality to record audio digitally. With several record modes like record-overwrite, record-insert and record-at-end, it performs auto editing with several record modes.

Silence and Noise Reduction

NCH Express Dictate features voice activated recording. It means it starts recording only when you start speaking. So, it avoids recording long silences. It also gives priority to separate dictations. Before recording stats, it can prompt for file or patient data. It can send your recordings to a typist directly over email, via FTP server or a computer network or save on your PC.

Supports Encryption

NCH Express Dictate is the perfect choice that supports HIPAA compliant encryption so you can secure client or patient data to send over the internet. It can transfer recordings with digital handheld dictation or dock analog recorders.


You can easily dictate within few minutes with user-friendly interface. While dictating, you may also use foot pedals or hand controls. You can control it by system based hot keys. It is friendly enough reduce transmission and file size with audio compression.

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