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This is really a great NCH Express Talk VoIP Video Softphone Software and it makes lots of things easier for free voice calling.

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  • NCH Express Talk VoIP Video Softphone Software

  • Professional NCH Express Talk VoIP Video Softphone Software
  • Express Talk VoIP Softphone makes it easy to call using Mac or Windows PC

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NCH Express Talk is actually your personal computer telephone. You can easily call from your computer to any other PC if you have this tool installed. You can use Express Talk if you have registered with your VoIP service provider to call regular phone numbers.
Make Voice and Video Calls for Free

NCH Express Talk VoIP Video Softphone is very helpful tool to make calls through your Mac or PC for free. The tool can easily work with virtually any office PBX or VoIP gateway provider. Some of the business features are recording, conferencing and voice commands.

Configure Around 6 Telephone Lines

On Express Talk, you can configure around six telephone lines and Express Talk works as your computer telephone to call from PC. You can use additional signup with VoIP if you want to use Express Talk to call telephone numbers. You can use Express Talk with any program in telephony suite like Virtual PBX, Axon, and create customized telephone system for the business.

Supports PC to Phone

You may call from your PC to any phone only through VOIP gateway provider. It can place your callers on hold with on-hold music. It supports logging and caller ID displays and it also includes speed dial and phone book configuration. It has Microsoft Address Book integration, noise cancellation, data compression and comfort noise.

Emergency Number Support

NCH Express Talk VoIP Video Softphone Software supports calling emergency numbers like 911, 000 and 999 and you can use it with headsets, USB phones, webcam or microphones and a few speakers. It has several amazing business features. You can make conferencing on around 6 phones.

Other Features

NCH Express Talk VoIP Video Softphone Software comes with various other amazing features like voice commands, call recording, DND (Do Not Disturb), push to talk settings and call transfer. You can integrate it with any other applications and create your own business phone solution.

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