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Really an amazing NCH Express Scribe Plus Software and works well as an audio expander.

Mr.- Lauren

  • NCH Express Scribe Plus Software

  • NCH Express Scribe Plus is a digital transcription audio player controlled by Foot Pedal
  • NCH Express Scribe Plus is a professional Foot Pedal Controlled audio player for Mac and Windows to help you in audio recording transcription

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NCH Express Scribe Plus Software can be installed on your PC and you can control audio playback with a keyboard or transcription foot pedal with the help of hot keys. This transcribing tool also comes with amazing features for the typists, such as multi-channel control, variable speed playback, file management, playing video and so on.
Professional Foot Pedals

Now you can control your playback with your feet and enhance your words per minute and keep your fingers busy typing. The plug and play pedals are really very easy to install and you can set up three controls for play/pause, rewind and fast forward. NCH Express Scribe Plus Software is well designed to integrate with foot pedals to improve transcription and increase your productivity. The foot pedals can work with both Mac OS X and Windows.

Something More than Just an Audio Player

NCH Express Scribe Plus Software is a versatile and flexible video and audio playback tool which is designed to help producing written audio transcriptions for the typists. You can easily control the program with foot pedal or a few well customizable hot keys. It has a lot of amazing tools to manage your transcriptions and recordings in an efficient way.

It is something more than a typical audio player. NCH Express Scribe Plus Software is a fully functional transcription manager with which you can customize your needs and use your skills for playback and audio recordings.

Other Features

It loads CD audio and starts when audio loads. When combined with FastFox Text Expander, it enters the legal/medical phrases and some popular phrases with your keyboard shortcuts. It loads files and receives files by FTP automatically, as well over the local network and email. It smoothly works with speech recognition tool like Dragon Naturally Speaking to convert speech into text automatically.

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