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Really a nice NCH Express Delegate tool! Express Delegate works really well with all the three levels.

Mr.- Norman

  • NCH Express Delegate Software

  • Professional NCH Express Delegate Software
  • NCH Express Delegate software manages the workflow from audio with the help of transcription. It manages dictation workflow of files designed by several users.

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NCH Express Delegate Program Features:-
Web Control Panel

NCH Express Delegate software features a web-based control panel to manage the whole dictation system. So, a transcription company or any organization can easily control several dictation files.

Express Delegate Server

The recordings can be assigned to typing pools and go through its Express Delegate server. As a typist, you can get recordings automatically through Express Scribe and send the same to the speaker once transcription is done.

Supports Multiple Users

NCH Express Delegate software manages the audio files made by several users of MSRS and Express Dictate in order to send recordings, whether manually or automatically, through Express Scribe. You can easily manage it with a web control panel.

Control Several Dictation Files

NCH Express Dictate makes it easier to control several dictation files, final typed documents and destinations by the large organizations and a transcription company.

Send Recording to Express Delegate
Server Directly

NCH Express Delegate Software can send the recordings to the Express Delegate server directly where you can assign them to the typing pools with the use of Express Scribe. This way, you can get back the audio file directly from application or download manually.

Intuitive and User-Friendly

NCH Express Delegate software is designed well to be intuitive and easy to use so you can be up and running by minutes. It can send the finished transcriptions to the speaker.

Three Web Console Levels

NCH Express Delegate tool uses three levels of console access – Manager, Speaker and Typist. Manager is designed for managing users, and typing rules and pools. The Speaker downloads transcriptions and uploads recordings. Typist uploads transcriptions and downloads recordings.

Assigns Typists

It is used to assign the typists to several typing pools and you can set several rules for priority of jobs, speakers and tags. You can easily send the dictation files directly through Dictation files.

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