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NCH Express Accounts Accounting Software really does well in my organization. It controls my accounts with ease.

Mr.- Michonne

  • NCH Express Accounts Accounting Software

  • Organize Your Bookkeeping with NCH Express Accounts Accounting software in your business
  • NCH Express Accounts is a professional tool for corporate accounting. NCH Express Accounts is the best choice for small businesses to report and document all the outgoing and incoming cash transactions, such as receipts, sales, purchases and payments.

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NCH Express Accounts Accounting Software – Key Features
Track Accounts Receivable & Sales

NCH Express Accounts Accounting Software is used to track accounts receivable and sales and record invoices and orders recurring. It is the helpful tool to generate sales orders, invoices and professional quotes. When invoices are paid, it automatically updates the reports and accounts receivable.

Financial Analysis & Reporting

NCH Express Accounts Accounting Software can generate around 20 major financial reports easily at any time. It can easily create the Profit & Loss Statement to give you an insight of how your business is doing. You can see your liabilities and current assets in your Balance Sheet. It helps you analyze your sales by salesperson, customer or item. It creates financial reports to help you prepare tax returns faster.

Manage Accounts Payable

NCH Express Accounts Accounting Software can help you pay your bills and manage your accounts payable. You can easily keep track on your purchase transactions and outgoing payment. It can help you print and create checks and generate purchase orders.

Other Features

With the help of web access, NCH Express Accounts Software allows several users in the organization log on securely over the web and over the computer network. The program provides safe and secure mobile access with the web interface on Android and iPhone. It creates automatic backup and integrates with Inventoria for maintaining the data of inventory around all parts of your business. With just one installation, you can run several businesses, even those operating with other currencies (only in commercial version).


  • • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and Xp
  • • Supports Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
  • Try Before You Buy

    NCH Express Accounts Software is the bookkeeping software which is also available in free trial version. If you are running a small business with the staff of less than 5 people, this free version is your best choice. It has no expiration date but it lacks some features available only for larger organizations.

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