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Really a nice choice because it allows me to record and edit dictations with ease!

Mr.- Brian

  • NCH Dial Dictate Software

  • Professional NCH Dial Dictate Software
  • NCH Dial Dictate Software to dial on your PC to record dictation. Press number on telephone keypad to record, edit, replay and manage files.

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NCH Dial Dictate Software – Key Features
Record Dictation

With the help of this NCH Dial Dictate Software, you can dial into the system to record your dictation, replay, edit and manage its files just by pressing numbers on the keypad of your telephone. After completing the recording, it will send dictation for transcription to the typist.

Telephone Dictation

NCH Dial Dictate Software will also help you telephone dictation over all phones. Dial Dictate is the best choice for everyone, from an individual user to an MNC. It makes telephone dictation whole lot easier and quicker for those who want to record dictation on the go.

Supports Multiple Telephone Lines

It is suitable for daily use as it is easy to operate and you can instantly set it up. It supports around 32 telephone lines to record the dictation through your phone. Dial Dictate allows around 10000 users with customizable user and recipient information.

Improved Control

NCH Dial Dictate Software can support both VoIP and analog lines and it can record, edit, play, rewind and fast-forward the calls and it can save the recordings to .dct and .wav formats. It keeps the data of both clients and patients secured with HIPAA Compliant encryption when you record in DCT file format.

Send Dictation Faster

This NCH Dial Dictate Software can automatically send the dictation recordings through computer network, email or internet. You can easily back up the dictations automatically on DialDictate Server. It allows you save your recordings and retrieve them back later for making changes.

More Features

NCH Dial Dictate Software can change the Record Menu assignments and Voice Prompts and stores the user information and access them from the database. It has ODBC functionality that supports MS SQL Server, MS Access, Borland Firebird and Sybase SQL Anywhere. It can reduce the size of audio file and to transmit speed with audio compression.

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