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NCH Debut Video Capture Software works really well on my Windows PC. It helps me capture my favorite video clips.

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  • NCH Debut Video Capture Software

  • Professional NCH Debut Video Capture Software
  • NCH Debut Video Capture Software to record videos from screen, webcam or recording device. It allows you capture videos on your PC or Mac.

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NCH Debut Video Capture Software – Key Features
Record from Anywhere

You can capture and record videos from virtually any source, including VHS tapes. You can use some important pre-production features like resolution, video color and output settings, unlike any recording software. So, start creating your video library today.

Flexible Output Settings

NCH Debut Video Capture tool allows you choose frame rate and size of video to capture any type of video. Debut will also allow you create videos of either 16:9 or 4:3 of aspect ratio. NCH Debut Video Capture is flexible enough to create videos for several outputs like CD, television and YouTube.

Handy Color Adjustments

While adjusting the effects and color settings of streaming video, you can instantly get the results in main window and capture them by hitting record. You can set contrast, brightness and gamma for lesser quality cameras where picture quality is not good.

Video Capture Options

NCH Debut Video Capture Software performs time lapse recording and records only videos and both audio and video simultaneously. Just by scrolling the mouse wheel, you can do the zoom of the videos and scroll the window just by dragging. To focus the recording window, it comes with zoom-to-mouse feature on the cursor. It shows where the cursor is with mouse spotlights. You can record any audio from speakers and microphone simultaneously which is perfect choice to record conferences.

Screen Capture and Video Editing

At any point of time, NCH Debut Video Capture Software allows you create image snapshots of video and add text captions of your own or time stamp on your videos. Before you start recording, you can change video effects and color settings. For capturing the videos, you can adjust the size, resolution and frame rate.


  • • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and Xp
  • • Works on Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
  • • Optional webcam or USB video capture device
  • • Optional toolbar needs Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox
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