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Infacta Group Email Marketing Software is such a reliable solution that helps me manage business on the go.

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  • Infacta Group Email Marketing Software

  • Professional Infacta GroupEmail Marketing Software

  • Infacta Group Email Marketing Software is a well-known email tool which is used to send well-designed email messages and newsletters, build strong relationships and promote products.

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Infacta Group Email Marketing Software covers everything you require to manage, maintain, and grow your email lists. Store limitless contacts and groups, automate subscriptions, opt-outs/unsubscribe and bounces.
Manage Contacts & Emails Easily

Infacta Group Email Marketing Software makes it easier to add new contacts to group, modify details, import contacts from any data source, merge contact groups, export contacts, purge contact groups, link contact database and lots more. You can store all data securely on PC to ensure security and privacy. Group Email Marketing tool makes it quick, simple and secure to manage contacts and work with all address books like MySQL, SQL and MS Access, and all ODBC compliant databases.

Design Your Email

Infacta Group Email Marketing Software makes it easier to do all the work by creating beautiful and attractive newsletter for business. It has a lot of beautiful email templates for group messaging. The email templates and HTML editor makes it easy to beautify your email for any device. The HTML designs are published by HTML experts. There is free email templates tested around all the leading email clients.

Microsoft OneDrive Integration

Infacta Group Email Marketing Software has support from Microsoft OneDrive for Cloud Sync solution. Now you can store, access and sync your Groups and Messages in online space. You can easily share data with users.

Efficient Sending Options

It has powerful delivery tools to help you schedule your emails even if you are away. You may send emails without mail server, trigger birthday greetings, avoid messages getting spam and do more with its smart sending options. You can send and create message according to your convenience even when you are away.

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