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Imbue PDF File Splitter Merger is such a great splitter and merger and it makes all my work easier.

Mr.- Thomas

  • Imbue PDF File Splitter Merger software

  • Professional Imbue PDF Merger Splitter Tool

  • Imbue PDF File Splitter Merger tool comes with advanced options and features for merging, splitting, removing and extracting pages from PDF files.

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Imbue PDF File Splitter Merger – Key Features
Supports Batch PDF Files

Imbue PDF File Splitter Merger supports batch documents and saves lots of your valuable time. It merges PDF files and breaks them in several pages.

One Tool, Several Purposes

Imbue PDF File Splitter Merger can be used to combine, join, split, delete, break, merge and extract your valuable PDF documents. This way, you can Merge, Split, Append, Merge, Divide, Delete, Break, Cut, Remove, Combine, Add, Concatenate and Join large files.

User-Friendly and Attractive Interface

The Imbue PDF File Splitter Merger has very attractive and user-friendly design that helps users to understand and use every feature with ease. You don’t need any professional training to understand this software.

Do Anything with Multiple Pages

Imbue PDF File Splitter Merger comes with different options for merging, splitting, combining, joining, deleting, breaking and removing several PDF pages. It is really a very useful tool to break and remove PDF pages.

Extract and Make new eBook

Imbue PDF File Splitter Merger is also for those who are looking to extract some pages from their PDF document and create another PDF document or eBook. It merges several pages of bank statements, invoices, eBooks and contracts in single file.

Specification Requirements

Imbue PDF File Splitter Merger supports all Windows versions like Windows Vista, Vista (64 bit), Windows XP, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), and Windows 2000. It requires Pentium or similar processor, 128 MB RAM, .Net Framework 2.0 or advanced and at least 1 MB of free hard disk space.

Other Features

  • • The tool maintains quality of documents created by having bookmarks, links and annotations
  • • Combine files in specific order
  • • Split PDF files in separate pages or several pages in each PDF document
  • • You don’t need any third-party Adobe tool or any technical skills to use this tool
  • • This tool is all-inclusive software and it gives you full freedom

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