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I have tried several watermarking tools and got disappointed somehow. Finally, I found Aoao Video Watermark Pro with lots of positive recommendations. I tried it and it worked.

Mr.- Maggie

  • Aoao Video Watermark Pro

  • Aoao Video Watermark Pro is a Professional Video Watermarking tool which is both powerful and user-friendly.
  • Add watermark to any of your favorite videos of different formats like FLV, AVI, MP4, MPG, and SWF.

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Aoao Video Watermark Pro – Key Features
Secure Your Online Video

Hate getting your shared videos reused without your consent? Aoao Video Watermark Pro will show the viewers who is the owner of the video they are watching. It will allow you add your own watermark and add your own copyright information to videos to keep them from unauthorized access and use and you can ensure its ownership.

Aoao Video Watermark Pro allows users to embed image, text, sign and logo. You can also add animated signs to your videos in batch mode. The user-friendly and innovative interface will add the convenience for the users to operate this tool. It provides around 10x faster speed in conversion and you don’t have to wait for a long time. You can watermark several photos with just a few clicks. It is said to be the great solution to secure your original work.

Add Text Watermark

Aoao Video Watermark Pro provides great settings like rotation, opacity, and font options. You can also add copyright symbols like TM, ® and © to your videos. It supports dynamic text watermark.

Add Image Watermark

Aoao Video Watermark Pro can be an icon, logo or any kind of image file. It comes with over 200 free samples. You can also add animated image as watermark.

Shape Watermark

Aoao Video Watermark Pro allows you to add shape watermark to your videos. You can create curve, line segment, oval and rectangle shape to video and arrow. Some of the widely-used settings here are width, color, rotation and opacity.

Supports Multiple Video Formats
for Watermarking

Aoao Video Watermark Pro is the best tool that supports all the widely-used and well-known video formats on the web, such as MPEG, AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, 3GP, SWF, and FLV. You can also convert any video to any format.

Other Features

Aoao Video Watermark Pro saves lots of your time with batch watermarking and you don’t have to work on videos one by one. It detects your multi-core processor of your PC to boost processing speed. You can personalize your video with lots of effects.

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