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Aoao Watermarking for Photos is really very helpful to me to save my image’s copyright. It is really nice software. I recommend to everyone to use Aoao Photo Watermark software to protect your photos.

Mr.- Rick

  • Aoao Photo Watermark

  • Aoao Photo Watermark to Create Image or Text Watermark to Your Pictures
  • Aoao Photo Watermark is rated 4.5 by CNET Editor and is built with latest technology to provide professional quality image protection with Zero quality loss and speed.

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Aoao Photo Watermark is user-friendly watermarking software which allows users to protect their digital photos with professional protection features. It is the effective and best way to protect the copyright of your photo and keep it away from unauthorized use.
Add Text Watermark

You can easily add text watermark to pictures with Aoao Photo Watermark tool. This watermarking tool supports adding several layers of text watermark with amazing features and options.

Image Watermark

As compared to text watermark, image watermark is more precise and direct. You can also add image watermark to your personal photos with Aoao Photo Watermark. In addition, Aoao Watermark for Photos can automatically resize images according to several resolutions. It provides over 150 free materials for image watermark for registered users.

Set Photo Frame

You can easily set photo frame on your photos with Aoao Photo Watermark. It offers three photo frame settings – Pattern, Texture and Outline. The Texture includes three textures, including Ellipse, Rectangle and Diamond. The Pattern allows you to adjust X & Y coordinate of photos to adapt Pattern and the opacity. In Outline, you can set Frame Width and Line Width. You can also change the line color according to your wish.

Protect Your Copyright

If you sell or share your photos over the web without watermark, you don’t know what may happen. Someone may republish your picture or copy it and you have nothing to do regarding this. This way, you can secure your photo copyright with watermark. Others may barely misuse your photos. If someone publishes your photos over the web, everyone will know that the photos are originally belonged to you with this watermark.

Batch Processing

Aoao Photo Watermark supports batch watermarking through which it can watermark over 300 photos within one minute. This way, you can save a lot of your time.

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